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Stiff Lower Back Pain Solutions & Treatment

Get Fast Relief From Stiff Lower Back Pain With This 27 Minute Daily Exercise Routine!

Stiff lower back pain solutionsDo you suffer constantly from stiff lower back pain problems - a lower stiffness that never goes away? Are you constantly looking for stiff lower back pain solutions or treatment? Are you fed up with that band of excruciating pain that shoots through your stff upper or lower back? When you bend, are you plagued with sudden surges of agony? Is your breath taken away by a sharp stabbing blow as you straighten up? Does it drive you to despair when no-one else realises just how your all this makes your life a complete misery? And, probably exercising for lower back pain relief is the furthest from your mind?

What if I could offer you solutions to bring immediate relief for your stiff lower back in less than 30 minutes! With slow, controlled, gentle exercises - your stiff lower backache can be relieved with ease. More about these solutions in a moment - PLUS 5 exercises for stiff back pain solutions you can use right now! But first:

Tell me if this is how it is for you!

Yikes! That !#@#! well hurts!”

When that first sharp stab hits you as you try to lift yourself out of the bed, when you feel that agonising spasm and grit your teeth, and you either shout it out or think to yourself... whatever your reaction, you know exactly what the day ahead has in store for you. You know, first hand, how a stiff back can seriously undermine your day even before it has begun.

I remember how it was for me, first thing in the morning as I struggled to the bathroom bent over double and having to lean on the wash hand basin as I made painful attempts to stand up as near straight as possible and longing for miracle solutions to get instant relief from my stiff backache.

The Daily Stiff Lower Backache Torment

That painful hobble to the washroom - it's only the start of the day, isn't it. The depressing thing is knowing that you've got no stiff lower back solutions that work so that life becomes a prison wall of agony each time you move. You get to remembering all the things you once did without even thinking about it, but now, you only think about how your stiff lower backache stops you doing the things you love to do.

stiff lower back pain treatmentUntil you've been through the things we've been through, other people take for granted exactly how much they use their lower back in everyday activities and exercises. For example, I always took it for granted that I could lift my nieces and nephews and swing them around and see the smiles on their faces and hear the laughter in their voices, but when that pain set in, I learned from first hand, exactly how a stiff lower back can be very life-changing when no treatment nor solutions are offered.

I had to continually look for support so that I could straighten up to do even the lightest activity around the house.

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

  • Walking your hands up your leg to stand up straight
  • Climbing the nearest object for support
  • Bracing yourself for the lower back spasm you know is coming after sitting a long time
  • Feeling run down and depressed because there is no escape from stiffness and constant pain

I am not sure which of the above is worse, but that was before I discovered the gentle exercise solutions that brought me instant relief for my my stiff lower back that I'll share with you later - it was the best treatment I ever invested in.

Does A Stiff Lower Back Take The Fun Out Of Your Life?

The simple things in life start to grind you down. You can't walk up the stairs anymore without your stiff back screaming its displeasure, with each painful step. You soon notice how your backache stops you going for a walk on a warm summer's day because it becomes no longer as refreshing as it once was, because of the stiffness and pain you know is to come. Have you noticed your mood changes too? Life can be hell when no treatment or solutions are offered to you that work.

Ok, the stats tell you that you are one of the 17+ million people in the UK, for example, who have some sort of stiff back problem - how comforting is that!?! And family and friends - do you ever notice how you slowly see the sympathy of loved ones drain away with the passing years? "That grumpy so-and-so always complaining about his/her stiff back". They are not inside your prison wall of torment are they - so it is easy for them to exhort the one who suffers! No treatment seems to work and yet no-one ever tells you about these gentle exercises that are the best solutions to all your grief.

Can Back Stiffness Lead To Other Problems?

You have to make adjustments and move in a way that is not natural - it's not the way your muscles and tendons have been conditioned to move for years on end, until the onset of your lower back problem, that is. You see, your lower back muscles and tendons connect to other parts of your body, so you are then prone to get other problems:

  • Your neck and shoulder muscles tighten up easily so that you have big problems trying to turn your head
  • Driving becomes a nightmare, especially if you try any sort of reverse manoeuvre
  • Spasms strike you down as if you have been shot as the agony travels like lightning down your legs

One thing I was not prepared for is this - it's when your head comes out in sympathy! As the pain in your lower back throbs and groans, your head does the exact same thing - has this also happend to you? As if the excruciating lower backache was not all we had to suffer with!

Treatment and Solutions For Stiff Lower Backache

By now, you can probably relate to how your stiff lower back can really make you suffer, but for me, that is a thing of the past! Before I tell you about the treatment and exercises that brought me instant stiff lower back pain relief, I'd like to share 5 tips that you can use right now, TODAY!

Exercises For Stiff Lower Back - Tip # 1

Back strain is often the most common cause of stiffness, if you haven't suffered an injury (whiplash, for example), a fall or accident. What you've done is put extra pressure on your lower muscles, that is pretty obvious, but, what is not so obvious, is how you are causing that extra pressure.

The problem is exacerbated by picking up and lifting heavy objects - it's common sense to know that you are going to put some strain on your lower back as you straighten up and so you must learn how to lift properly so you don't cause yourself an injury - most of the time, anyway.

What is not so obvious is how you carry your own weight! Even if you are only maybe 7 pounds (3 kilos) overweight, you are putting pressure on your lower back - CONSTANTLY!

Ok, let's put this another way - try getting a sack of potatoes and wearing that around your belly. How long do you think it would be before you got tired of carrying that "extra weight" around? Can you imagine the relief you would feel, if you could then drop that sack of potatoes?

stiff lower back pain reliefLose Weight - But How, With Your Stiff Back Aching So Bad?

If you are over-weight for your height, and carrying some extra "potatoes" around your belly, then you need to lose those extra pounds - but how?

One of the solutions is to change your diet and to take exercises regularly - but deciding on exactly what exercise program to do with a stiff lower back can be a problem!


Why a problem? I'll tell you why - you're in a catch 22 situation: your stiff lower backache stops you from doing exercises; you've got stiffness and stress because of those extra "potatoes" you have around your belly; you need to exercise to lose the weight; you can't do any exercises because... and so the cycle continues with no solutions seemingly in sight!

BUT!! If you start by changing your lifestyle, dieting and trying some gentle exercises such as stretching to strengthen your spine a little more, you will soon be able to do even more exercises to ease your stiff lower or upper back problem. Read on for more tips and more advice about treatment and solutions that can give you some relief.

Exercises For Stiff Lower Back - Tip # 2

Stress is aggravated by poor posture when sitting: this is another tip that again, is common sense when you think about it, but is not immediately obvious, unless you understand more about health and safety! It is extremely important to understand about how to sit properly! If you lazily sit at the computer or lounge on the sofa you could be putting pressure on your lower back muscles! Instead of slouching on the sofa, why not get a cushion (preferably a firm one) and place it to support your lower back. I can almost guarantee some relief instantly. If you try this out even for just some of the time, I promise you, it will provide a lot of relief.

stiff lower back pain solutions officeOk, getting the correct position to sit at your computer, either at home or at work, does take more effort. My problem was that I would sit on the front of the chair, legs and ankles crossed, resting my chin on my left hand as I use the mouse with my right - does this sound familiar to you?

And of course, like everyone else I used to ask myself how I managed to get this stiff lower and upper backache!

What I did was simple - I just changed my seating position and rested my body against the back of the chair. I took frequent breaks from sitting in front of the computer to stand up and stretch. You'd be surprised just how your muscles cramp up if you are in one position too long!

If you have any sort of stiff lower or upper back pain at all, make sure you sit in a chair that fits you, rather than you trying to fit the chair. There are many chairs on the market that help you to get a correct seating posture when you are working at the desk on your computer.

That and using simple stretching exercises for relief to strengthen your muscels supporting your spine is something I am coming to in a moment. Combining these simple solutions has meant that I don't suffer from a constant stiff lower backache problems. Like everyone, though, I have to remind myself, if I find I slip lower back into old habits!

Lower Back Relief - Tip # 3

shoes and stiff lower back pain reliefYour problem can be aggravated by poor choice of footwear: another overlooked cause of stiff lower back pain, along with bad posture, is wearing shoes that don't quite fit properly, especially if you are up and about on your feet for long periods of time.

You can buy the most expensive shoes in the store, but, if they do not fit correctly, then they also will not support you when you stand or move about. You must make sure you buy shoes that fit not only in length, but also in width. Apart from causing foot pain, they also can be the source of how a lower or upper back stiffness problem first develops. Sometimes, paying extra for insole support can be a great investment for you if you are looking for solutions and relief from your stiffness and aches!

You may want to also invest in a foot pad, or ask your employer to get one for you. It will be cheaper than having to pay someone else to do your job when you are off work with your stiff lower or upper lower back! Foot pads give you that same sense of feeling you get when you walk into a room that has a thick pile carpet - you know what I mean? Foot pads act like a cushion so your weight is not pushing your feet into the floor which also puts pressure on your leg and spinal muscles.

Changing Your Stance - A Simple Exercise Tip You Can Do Now

Stop for a moment and consider how you actually stand:

  • Do you stand with your legs straight?
  • Do you lock out your knees?
  • Do you stand with one leg bent which means your pelvic girdle is shifted to one side?
  • Do you stand for a long time?

When you stand, try not to lock out your knees and shift your pelvic girdle forward and see just how that takes some of the pressure off your spine. At the same time, try tightening your stomach muscles (great abominal exercise anyway!), which also helps to support your lower back. These little changes to your stance are one of several effective solutions for giving you relief from stiffness in your lower or upper back.

If you were to do this and add maybe 20 minutes or so of slow stretching or Pilates exercises for every day, not only will the muscles of your lower back become stronger and more flexible, you will also get a great deal of relief from your stiff lower back!

Mind & Body - Tip # 4

stiff back pain from stressPysche & Soma - Mind and Body - both of them are linked. It's hardly surprising, then, that stiffness and pain can be linked to stress.

There are many ways that people react to stress, but very often, there is a tightening of the muscles, especially in the neck and shoulder area. And these muscles are connected to your lower back! Stress that causes people to tighten their neck and shoulder areas also puts pressure on the lower back.

It's pretty obvious what the solutions and treatment are - relax those muscles! How? Several ways including a nice hot bath to just lay there and soak your stresses away. You can even try some breathing exercises. But my favourite by far, is a blissful, sensual relaxing lower back massage. You must try the massage in the bonus DVD I've laid out for you in the Exercise For Stiff Lower Back relief treatment program.

The Magic Potion - Water! Tip # 5

water for stiff back pain reliefThis tip may surprise you! Make sure you drink water!!

Water: not only does dehydration cause sleepless nights (a potential source of stress) it also dries out the discs of your spine. The effect of this is that your muscles and tendons lose a degree of suppleness and flexibility.

There are many benefits from making sure you drink plenty of water - the most relevant one is that lower spine stress and stiffness can be relieved by simply having a long cool energising glass of water. Next time you get a stiff lower backache, try it and see if it makes a difference!

Even if you didn't notice any immediate change, you can be sure that, over time, it will make a difference!

These are all short term solutions you can follow, as you embark on your journey to get rid of your stiff lower back pain and stress!

Solutions For Stiff Lower Back

What if you could spend 20 to 30 minutes each day and know that you are on your way to getting relief from your stiff lower back that you have been looking for? Just imagine, wouldn't that be a truly great investment if it meant a long term release from the constant misery of your excrutiating stiff lower back?

exercise for stiff back pain relief on matThat's what I did when I first tried out the Exercise For Stiff Lower Back Pain DVD program.

Relief Through Exercise

I quickly noticed an amazing difference after going through these very gentle exercise solutions specially designed to bring relief to a stiff lower back.

Hey - your stiffness and pain is not going to disappear immediately - I'd be a fool to tell you otherwise!

Listen, we know how lower spine issues take a long time to develop and then to make your life unbearable, often caused because of bad posture and the way you added pressure to your lower spine, over the years, from a number of different sources

What I will tell you is this - if you spend less than half an hour every day, with a routine of gentle stretching solutions, you'll find it easier to strengthen your lower spine, slowly, safely and gently, and, more importantly, learn that relief really is in easy reach for you.

I did it - you can too!

stiff back pain relief exercisesHow long it takes to get rid of your stiffness and backaches depends on how bad it is in the first place. It depends on how restricted your suppleness is and how low your strength is when you begin your stretching treatment solutions.

The keyword is perseverance! It may take a few weeks to slowly increase your freedom of movement to the level you had before you got trapped in your prison walls of pain.

If you use the exercise relief solutions together with the 5 tips I have already given you, you will directly attack the problem and and repair the damage your muscles and tendons have endured over the years, and, what's just as important, strengthen your core as a prevention from future injury. Just imagine the pleasures of life you will be able to enjoy after you get rid of your stiff lower back by following this simple program!

  • No more climbing your legs with your hands to stand up straight!
  • Get the most out family outings; especially not holding everyone up when out walking because you have to take frequent rest stops (as I used to do).
  • Driving becomes a pleasure when you can turn your head to reverse without that screeching pain skidding up your spine
  • Playing with children; no more sudden pains like shafts of lightning that stop family enjoyment
  • SMILE AGAIN!! Do you remember that feeling of well-being you used to have? I never knew just how much the constant pain drained me - now I feel alive!
  • Sex! Yes no more excuses in bed - imagine what it would be like to be as vigorous between the sheets as you used to be!

There's a whole realm of reasons why you owe it to yourself to start the DVD solutions to get relief and start enjoying life all over again!

Many many people are finding out for themselves how the DVD solutions are easy to do and within easy reach when they start on these amazingly easy, gentle exercise routines that help alleviate - or even avoid - the pain created by lower back stiffness and strain.

Exercising For Relief From Stiff Lower And Upper Back - Treatment Can't Get Any Easier!

exercises for stiff back pain relief DVDs

The DVD programme set, (new to the UK market, by the way), will show you just how easy it is for you to get relief your stiff lower back has been screaming for!

In less than half an hour, each DVD will take you through gentle exercise routines specially designed to gently and safely stretch and relax your lower back muscles and tendons, also to build a stronger core in your spine helping prevent future pain-inducing traumas.

DVD 1: Gentle Stretching (24 Minute Treatment)

stiff back pain  solutions DVD 1Get relief treatment by first watching and then following our instructor as she takes you through 21 gentle movements (they really are effortless to do) that will:

  • Improve posture; she will show you how to do this without putting pressure on ligaments and tendons
  • Improve alignment; if you want to strengthen your stiff lower back, it is essential that your spine is correctly aligned, to reduce strain on your spinal discs
  • Reduce muscle and tendon stiffness and soreness
  • Increase your suppleness and be able to bend without undue pain through gentle exercise for a stiff lower back
  • Reduce your risk of future trauma as you increase your lower back strength
  • Boost your energy levels

DVD 2: Pilates (27 Minute Treatment)

exercise for stiff back pain relief DVD 2It is a good idea to alternate the 2 DVDs, especially when you start to see results from the stretching treatment in Disc #1

You will quickly notice how the power of Pilates progressively strengthens your lower back more and more. Pilates helps you improve your body alignment - it increases strength, suppleness of body and slowly tones your muscles in easy steps, without pain and strain. You can follow our instructor, again, as she shows you in easy to follow steps, the 21 soothing, core-strengthening Pilates exercises.

I repeat - all the movements you see in the 2 DVDs are very easy to do, with each gentle controlled specially formulated exercise clearly demonstrated. I can promise you that when you follow the Exercises For Stiff Lower Back Pain programme, you will hardly break a sweat, yet the inner exercises you carry out on your muscles and tendons work wonders - they limber you up and make you feel far suppler.

Can't I Simply Do Any Old Exercise Treatment?


High contact sports back painThe problem is that you are already in pain with your lower back and the wrong exercise or activity could actually make things worse. This is why it is ESSENTIAL TO DO THE RIGHT TYPE OF EXERCISE and in a very controlled way.

For example, you should not do these:

  • Any high-contact sports including football, basketball, squash, tennis; any collision with a team player or the even the impact of the ball on your racket can jar your lower back and set lower back recovery time for any lower back injury you already have
  • Golf - yes, the gentle walking part can help, BUT, the swinging the golf club can put a lot of pressure on already weakened muscles and cause ligament damage
  • Cycling - avoid cycling rough terrain because such jolting aggravates any sort of lower back injury. If you do a little on a cycle machine, then make sure you take breaks regularly so that your lower back does not stiffen in one position.
  • Weight-lifting - You're joking of course, if you think you can do this!
  • Yoga and Pilates - Careful!! Yoga and Pilates have different energetic levels with some being more active and demanding than others - especially the more difficult postures. The Pilates DVD treatment on offer here has gentle exercises that are specially designed to strengthen, not strain your lower back.
  • Swimming - gentle swimming strokes can help, but you MUST avoid any stroke that involves twisting the head and upper body - butterfly stroke is such a stroke that can put a lot of pressure on your lower back muscles and tendons

Before you think about going back to any of the activities you love to do, first you have to gently work on your lower back. The exercises in the first DVD set will build up your lower back muscles and tendons to the point where it's possible to do the things you like once more.

The most important thing to remember is that "Easy Does It!" Take is easy and follow the gentle exercise routines on DVDs 1 & 2 and you will soon love to enjoy giving and receiving a relaxing massage:

exercise for stiff lower back pain  relief DVD 3

Relaxing Lower Back Massage

What better way to relax, de-stress and energise yourself than with a pampering soothing gentle massage? This Bonus Disc will show you how give your partner a pleasurable lower back massage and also, show your partner how to give you a therapeutic massage as part of your stiff lower back relief package.

You will explore 48 minutes of revealing secrets of how to give a pleasurable and satisfying lower back massage in easy to follow steps.

  • Massage preparations - how to set it all up
  • 5 Great ways to create the right ambient setting for both giver and receiver
  • 5 Techniques for stiff lower back relief
  • 8 Massage actions for the upper lower back for improved sense of well-being
  • 9 Shoulder and neck massage actions to release stress and stiffness
  • 5 Relaxing strokes complete this easy to follow lower back massage programme

massage stiff lower back pain treatmentADDED VALUE - this DVD comes with a really beautiful, instrumental music drift that you can use to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for an intimate therapeutic massage session with your partner.

Get your Exercises For Stiff Lower Back Relief programme NOW and celebrate the pain-free movement you will soon enjoy.

The cost of being painless? A steal at just $67!!

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

lower back pain relief Satisfaction 100% GuaranteeEven though I am totally confident that you willl soon feel the benefits of these gentle exercises, all in less than 30 minutes, in no time at all, I am going to give you a full 30 days to review and try these treatment routines for yourself.

If you feel that these DVDs have not delivered valuable methods that you can use right now to strengthen your lower back, giving you relief from stabbing pain that torments your daily life, all you have to do is ask for a no-hassle refund within 30 days.

I am sure, you are, by now, excited thinking about your pain-free days ahead, so go on order your Stiff Lower Back Pain Relief DVD set right now!

Stiff Lower back pain relief Product DVDsYes Graham, I am keen to get rid of lower back pain and I want to see the looks of astonished happiness on my family & friend's faces when I start doing all the things that I've not been able to do for years! Rush me my Exercise For Stiff Lower Back Pain Relief DVD set and the FREE Bonus Relaxing Massage DVD without delay.

Don't be like me and spend more than 10 years not knowing how a simple treatment such as stretching and gentle exercises can bring relief so easily! This set gave me lasting relief faster than I could have imagined. Now you can soon share the same experience sooner than you think, but only if you take action NOW and get your DVD set today.

Take Action Now! If you have tried everything and it doesn't work, why keep doing the same things again, that simply haven't worked. You have absolutely nothing to lose (apart from your lower backache) with my full 100% money back risk free guarantee - order your DVD programme now.

Kind regards


P.S. Imagine, what would losing your constant lower backache do for you and your family life? The Exercise For Stiff Lower Back Pain Relief DVD set will show you how you can start enjoying your life again, right now!


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